Ojwando Primary School Project

Present-Day Ojwando Primary School


Project managed by GamerGiving Charity, a 501(c)(3) charity organization
Ojwando Primary School, established 1973 in Ojwando, Kenya, is in need of an overhaul.

There are up to 100 students per classroom and the bathrooms are rudimentary. It is the goal of this project to address these concerns and provide the 630 students with a school that can allow the students to experience the best possible learning environment.

With your help, we will:

  • Provide 4 new classrooms to alleviate the overcrowding.
  • Provide 4 new bathrooms with appropriate sanitation standards.
  • Contract locally and employ youth from the surrounding area.
  • Establish ongoing, meaningful connections between seemingly disparate cultures.

  • How we will do this:

  • Raise funds through regular content: a percentage of GamerGiving donations will automatically go towards this project.
  • Special projects: we will raise funds through Ojwando Primary School Project-specific endeavors where this project is the sole fundraising target.
  • Work closely with Anthropologist Dr. Isaiah Nengo and pass along regular project updates and pertinent information.

  • Goal Summary

    Raise $35,000 for the construction of 8 structures (4 classrooms, 4 bathrooms) at Ojwando Primary School, Ojwando, Kenya. This includes a small buffer for the unexpected ($1,500) and 10% operational costs ($3,500) to go to GamerGiving Charity.

    • $30,000

      Funds for materials, contracts, and construction.

    • $3,500

      Operational cost. Includes site maintenance, advertisement, etc.

    • $1,500

      Buffer for the unexpected

    • $35,000

      Total project goal

    Our Team

    This project is a collaboration between Professor Isaiah Nengo and GamerGiving Charity
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    Dr. Isaiah Nengo

    My main research interest is the study of ape and human evolution. My primary focus is to document origins of the ape lineage, the evolutionary roots of the human lineage, and the adaptive emergence of human bipedalism, in the fossil record of the Miocene in Africa.
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