Ode to Arcades

Back when I was a kid, in the 80’s and 90’s, arcades were ubiquitous. Every mall had one, and plenty of shopping centers did too. They were often large, multi-level places with lots of now classic coin-ops; Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat, The Simpsons, X-Men, Primal Rage, Crazy Taxi, Sunset Riders, Magic Sword, Alien vs.[…]

The Myth Of The Bad Console

We’ve seen the videos. We’ve read the top 10 lists. We’ve heard the arguments. A lot of gamers firmly believe that there are, or have been, terrible game systems in the past. They’ll tell you how such and such system had no good games, was poorly designed, had a crappy controller, and generally was an[…]

Nintendo Switch – Switch it up Nintendo!

On March 3rd – roughly a month and a half from now – Nintendo will release its eighth home console, the Switch. Its release comes at a pivotal moment in the company’s history and may well determine its future viability as a hardware producer. The Switch’s predecessor, the Wii U, was a commercial failure; approximately[…]

Super Spooky Extravaganza 2k16 GotY Edition

A 24 hour charity stream is always a somewhat daunting task. From creeping dread of possible technical failures to running out of steam at 3am, getting everything together takes a fair amount of work. This year’s first day-long stream, however, came together like magic. From the initial suggestion 6 weeks ago to the event itself, everything[…]

PC Gamer Weekender – Number Vive is Alive

It’s always funny how technology comes around. From the days of 90s palm pilots to today’s smartphones, from awful resistive touchscreens which couldn’t detect an anvil dropping on the screen from 3 inches away to the current J. J. Abrams future we’ve got where everything looks like a bloody Apple store full of lens flares,[…]

PC Gamer Weekender – Limitless Potential

One of the biggest things I found from the PC Gamer Weekender was the amount of early-stage games designers there. People who’d just taken their first steps into the world of gaming, and were showing off their first creations to the world. One of the most fascinating experiences I had was at the National Film[…]