Super Spooky Extravaganza 2k16 GotY Edition

A 24 hour charity stream is always a somewhat daunting task. From creeping dread of possible technical failures to running out of steam at 3am, getting everything together takes a fair amount of work. This year’s first day-long stream, however, came together like magic. From the initial suggestion 6 weeks ago to the event itself, everything just worked. From exceeding our fundraising goal to surpassing 25000 twitch views with over 350 subscribers, this was a truly successful day. And from a personal perspective, it said more than anything the level of commitment and drive everyone showed over every single minute.

From playing Dead Realm alongside our good friends Das Pygmy and Gage, to the wonderful finale of a complete playthrough of the Bunker with the director and writer of the game Allen Plenderleith, I had an absolute blast. Even streaming on my own (the stone cold classic Resident Evil and modern-day creeptastic Until Dawn) was an utter delight. We even hit our highest number of viewers for a single stream during that too! I would like to think it was purely down to my effortless charm, but I couldn’t even begin to claim that.

What this stream showed me more than anything was that we’ve got everything set up to the best possible degree. From the wonderful art by our own Captain Murphy to Stephen’s triumphant yelling when he managed to shoot a monster upside the head in the Evil Within, it showed to me that our future here at Gamer Giving is solid. The growth in both donations and people joining us on our wonderful journey may have been small in the grand scheme of things, but it will continue, I promise you that. And frankly, I can’t wait for the next step. Look out world, we’re here to make some good happen.

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