The PC Gamer Weekender – How Dr. Giving got his groove back

The recent PC Gamer weekender in London was a landmark event. Not only was it the first event organised by the lovely people at PC Gamer to celebrate what it means to be a member of the master race, but it’s also the first event Gamer Giving attended as a member of the press. It had been a few years since my last games show, and a lot’s changed since then. Prior to attending, I was a little bit worried that there’d be a sense of world-weariness, like the creators may feel a bit tired and fed up with the world of making video games. Fortunately, I could not have been more wrong.

The biggest thing I’ve taken away from the weekend is the sense of bursting love and excitement people still have for making games. Not only did I get to experience some phenomenal and incredible games first hand, hearing the creators tell me about them was something I completely adored. That sense of working on something and getting to show it to people and pour out your passion and love over your work…it made me remember why I love video games so much. They enrapture me, and when people put so much hard work into a project, they can’t help but have that enthusiasm and joy over it rub off on you.

The experience itself was fantastic. Getting to play an advance version of Dark Souls 3 (more detailed thoughts will be coming later this week), to getting a hands-on demonstration of the HTC Vive, to seeing some astonishing indie games being demoed, I had an absolute blast. I’ve picked out some of the Indie and lesser-known titles which I highly recommend you check out!

Glitchrunners – An awesome local co-op side scrolling runner, it takes the concept of both teamwork and competitive multiplayer to a new level. This is potentially the next Rocket League.

Soul Axiom – I have a soft spot in my heart for first person puzzle games, and good lord this was everything I was hoping for. Appearing to be a simple concept from the outset, it gave a sense of limitless potential in the brief snippet I played. This was a phenomenal game, and I’ll be pouring hours into it I guarantee.

NotCoD – The love that NotGTAV gets at the Gamer Giving offices is well documented, and NotCoD follows it up perfectly. Brimming with Britishness, the humour is totally on point in this sideshooter. The devs are the loveliest people you could hope to meet too.

Circuit Breakers – This is utterly perfect for Gamer Giving. Streaming this chaotic multiplayer top-down shooter will be the highlight of a 24-hour stream in the future, I promise you that.

Upwards: Lonely Robot – A simple tower-climbing game that had me hooked within 20 seconds of playing it. A deceptively simple looking affair that had a potentially mind-bending story. Phenomenal.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be publishing a lot more about my experiences at this event, and giving all you lovely folks some more incredible games to whet your appetites.

And yes. Dark Souls 3 was amazing.

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