PC Gamer Weekender

We here at Gamer Giving are always trying to break new and exciting barriers for people. From 24-hour livestreams raising money for disadvantaged children to producing articles for you lovely people to peruse, we’ve had a fantastic year of development. One of the biggest things we’ve wanted to do though was to be able to report on the newest and most exciting developments in gaming as they happen. Such an opportunity has arisen in the form of the PC Gamer Weekender over here in jolly old England.

The weekend of the 5th March 2016 in Brick Lane, London will be a magical one. From first hands-on showings of some of the most highly anticipated titles in the gaming medium to talks from influential developers, this is going to be like Christmas in March. Or an early E3 in any case. However we refer to it, this is going to be an amazing opportunity to explore the most amazing facets of PC gaming, from building your own gaming rig to advice on how to maintain your system, it’s going to be a thorough exploration of the best way to experience video games.

Not only that, some of the titles on offer to attendees include Dark Souls 3 (!), Total War: Warhammer and Street Fighter V. I can’t tell you how excited I am for this, and the opportunity to share with you this experience is something I’m going to relish.

oh and DARK SOULS 3. YES.

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