The Ojwando Primary School Project


Hey, everyone!  Stephen here!

We’ve got an exciting new project that we’re working on, we hope you’ll help us make it succeed!  We’re going to be building a school in Kenya!  Well, that’s giving too much credit to us and not enough to those who came before and those we’re working with.

Officially, the school was built in 1973 but not much has changed since then.  That’s not true, a lot has changed since then!  The population has exploded:  the small building services around 630 students up to grade eight (half of whom are girls)!  The school itself, unfortunately, has only changed according to its age and use.  That is to say: not favorably.

Unfortunately, despite all of the interest for education in Ojwando, it’s located in one of Kenya’s poorest rural areas.  Money for upgrades to the old schoolhouse is terribly difficult to come by.

That’s where we come in.  The goal is to build 8 structures at Ojwando Primary School: 4 classrooms and 4 bathrooms. The price tag is pretty steep, $35,000.  This includes construction of 8 structures, operational costs, and a small buffer for the unexpected.  Fortunately, we can fund construction modularly for $3,750 per structure. I know we can help these kids!

We’ve recruited Anthropologist Dr. Isaiah Nengo (or has he recruited us? This has been a pet project of his for several years now!).  He’ll do the organizing of the construction and the details on the ground in Ojwando.  He’s counting on us to help with the financing part.

As the project advances, we’ll post regular updates from Dr. Nengo here on the site.

I’m very excited and humbled to be part of such an important project.  Children are the future, they deserve our best.

Stay tuned for more details, updates, and interviews as the project unfolds!

Take care,

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